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 Capoeira Family Fun Time

Capoeira is the cornerstone of our programming. Your child or teen will learn martial arts techniques,  music - instruments and singing in Portuguese - acrobatics & tumbling, and dance.  They will explore their surroundings and have fun adventures and learning experiences during our daily field trips both off-site & on-site. Aside from all the physical activity and exciting trips, our kids and teens will have daily opportunities to engage with others and connect socially and creatively. The skills they will develop will help the campers to grow not only as capoeiristas, but as young members of our community. 

Summer Camp Field Trips 2024 Calendar  (1).png
Summer Camp Field Trips 2024 Calendar  (1).png

June 3 - June 21
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

   Sample daily schedule 


8:50 am - Drop off

9:00 am - Circle Time & Warm Up

9:30 am - Class (Rotating Topic)

10:15 am - Morning Snack

10:30 am - Class (Rotating Topic)

11: 15 am - Free Play, Lunch 

12:15 pm - Field trip (Off-Site for Kids, In-House for Teens, or vice versa)

1:45 pm - Afternoon Snack & Organized Games/Arts & Crafts

2:45 pm - Afternoon Activity (Leadership, Creative Expression, Training, etc)

3:15 pm - Show & Tell/Reflection

3:45 pm - Free Play


*Extended camp hours & evening capoeira classes available for an additional fee


Class topics & activities rotate between topics such as: capoeira striking & defense techniques, music (instruments & singing), dance, acro, tumbling, conditioning.


Please read the packet for all details prior to registering!

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NEW THIS YEAR: We are excited to introduce our Karkara Tweens / Teens Summer Camp specially geared toward entering 6th graders - 9th graders. Capoeira is still the cornerstone of their summer. Karkara Teens will have daily opportunities to interact with others, engage in leadership / mentoring opportunities, participate in exciting age-specific field trips outdoors and indoors, and connect socially and creatively in carefully designed activities for this very unique age group. The skills they will develop will help them become young thriving leaders inside and outside the capoeira academy.

Children entering 1st - 5th grade will be a part of our traditional Karkara Kids Camp, with daily adventures outdoors, off-site and even on-site fun field trips to break up the day. Plus tons of capoeira classes and fun activities to get their energy out and help build their strength physically, mentally & socially.

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