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Get ready for our BEST SUMMER YET!

 Capoeira Family Fun Time

Summer is all about fun and creating unforgettable memories! We really focus on providing a safe environment where the kiddos can experience the best summer ever while they learn tons of CAPOEIRA! Fun is not our only priority though, we find it very important to support the children in developing their self-esteem and life skills while learning all about self-defense, acrobatics, music, dance, language, culture, as well as instilling values and skills like: respect, self-control, courage, honor,  self-confidence, leadership, physical coordination and balance.

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June 6 - July 1

We are getting SO excited for the return of Karkara Kids Capoeira Camp after a pandemic hiatus! We have missed spending our summer days with the Karkara kiddos and are very grateful for the opportunity to be back at it once again, doing what we love - in addition to the evening classes that will continue throughout the summer :) This year’s camp will be shorter (4 weeks) and more intimate with less kids than in the pre-covid days, but double the fun!

We will offer tons of action packed classes and activities every day such as: capoeira (of course!), acrobatics (we can’t wait to see the kids improve at their tumbling tricks on our NEW AIR TRACK toy!), music, dance, portuguese, kickboxing, yoga/mindfulness activities, fun games, & arts and crafts. Let’s not forget daily FIELD TRIPS! We will make many fun memories together at fun places such as the pool, waterpark, trampoline park, zoo, movies, roller skating and local parks!

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