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Founded in 2018, the Capoeira Cultural Arts Foundation (501c3) promotes the growth of the Afro-Brazilian martial art of Capoeira, specifically to high-need communities in the US and Brazil through providing instruction, trainings, programs, events, performances, and scholarships,
o enrich and improve the physical, mental, cultural, and social well-being of our youth.

           Help us reach our goal! 


We are raising funds to put on a graduation ceremony and community event for our students in Bahia, Brazil! While these students live in very challenging economic conditions, they are committed to uplifting their community through capoeira. This event will celebrate their efforts, provide free classes for local students and visitors, and showcase capoeira as a tool for community empowerment. Any donation amount will help. We greatly appreciate your support! 

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Mestre Betinho leading a community kids capoeira class in Bahia. 


Mestre Betinho with Capoeira Karkara Bahia. 

Capoeira Karkara Bahia

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CCAF Background

Mestre Betinho was born and raised in Salvador, Bahia; a rich fountain of Afro-Brazilian arts on the northeastern coast of Brazil. He grew up in an economically impoverished town and worked from a young age to help provide for himself and his family. Amidst the challenges of his childhood, Mestre Betinho found capoeira. Capoeira opened a path of personal empowerment and freedom that helped him survive and develop his ability to create a better life. His dedication to the art of capoeira gave him the opportunity to travel, access greater economic opportunities, and eventually build a family and community in the US. In 2011, Mestre Betinho and his wife Professora Sara formed Capoeira Karkara; a capoeira group which has been a positive force for many students and friends in Florida and in Bahia. This success inspired Mestre Betinho to develop the Capoeira Cultural Arts Foundation (CCAF) as a way of generating additional support for his hometown group in Bahia, providing guidance to youth-in-need here in the US, and ultimately supporting the continued growth of capoeira as a positive force for community empowerment. 

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Community holiday event in Bahia. Hosted by CCAF. 

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