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Our 2nd Annual Spring Event "Tamos Juntos" is right around the corner!

Join us for Capoeira Karkara Boynton Beach FL's 2nd Spring Batizado/Cord Changing Event. This year there will be a CORD STRIPE & CORDA CRUA ceremony & rodas for Kids & Adults on Thursday 5/2, workshops & rodas Friday 5/3 & Saturday 5/4, and the big MAIN EVENT on Saturday 5/4. Everything will take place at our studio inside the Boynton Beach Mall.

This event brings together capoeira students and teachers from our own group, and other groups, local and abroad, in order to celebrate the progress of our students. There will be workshops, rodas, and a graduation ceremony for new students to be officially welcomed into Capoeira Karkara and our more seasoned students and teachers will get promoted to the next rank. 

Visitors Sign up here

*Price Increases at the Door


5/2 THURSDAY (Guest: CM Kabeção)
4:30pm-5pm Juniors Maculelê: Professora Fominha; Monitora Amazonas 
5:30pm-6:30pm Kids 4+ Cord Stripe Ceremony & Roda 
6:30pm-7:30pm Adults Cord Stripe Ceremony & Roda 

4:30pm-5:15pm Kids 7+ Fundamentals Capoeira: Mestre Cabeção
5:15pm-6:00pm Kids 7+ Int/Adv Capoeira: CM Kabeção
6:00pm-8:00pm Adults 13+ Capoeira; alternating classes separated by levels: Mestre Cabeção & CM Kabeção
8pm-9pm Adults 13+ Open Roda
9:30pm Sabor Latino

10:00 am Kids 7+ Maculelê Warm up/roda: CM Kabeção
10:30am-11am Kids Roda and Solos
11:00 am Kids Batizado
11:30am-12pm Break
12:00pm-1pm Adults 13+ All levels Capoeira: Mestra India Itatiaia
1:30pm-2pm Adults Batizado
2pm-2:45pm Open Roda
3pm-4pm Adults 13+ All Levels Samba Workhop and Samba de Roda: Mestra India Itatiaia
4:30pm Bramers

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