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Our annual "Cultural Encounter" & Graduation event is right around the corner!

Join us for Capoeira Karkara Boynton Beach FL's 12th Annual Batizado/Cord Changing Cultural Encounter 2022. This year there will be workshops & rodas Wed 11/09 - Saturday 11/12 and the big event on Saturday 11/12.

This event is a "Cultural Encounter", bringing together capoeira students and teachers from our own group, and other groups, local and abroad, in order to celebrate the progress of our students. There will be workshops, rodas, shows, and a graduation ceremony for new students to be officially welcomed into Capoeira Karkara and our more seasoned students and teachers will get promoted to the next rank. Leading up to the big day we will have workshops at the academy beginning Wednesday 11/9 led by our special guest mestres.

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